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January 31, 2018

September 28, 2017

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An Update...

January 25, 2016

So I realized that I have been neglecting this poor webpage. But, no longer! 


Since I last updated the page, I've graduated with my MFA from the New Hampshire Institute of Art (under the guidance of the venerable Buzz McLaughlin and many other excellent writers) and have had a few readings, thanks, in part, to the help of friends and the kind people at the Baltimore Playwrights Festival. 


But a lot is coming down the pike. Namely, in late-June I'll be flying down to Dallas, TX for the world premiere of Gracefully Ending at Theater Arlington, one of the largest community theaters in the country. I'm not sure how that will change my life as of right now. The AACT NewPlayFest is huge and the AACT organization in general reaches a lot of theaters. So, it might be absolutely amazing. Who knows? 


In the meantime, I'm doing rewrites of two different plays: The People at the Edge of Town and A Dirtbag Airman. I'm also submitting my face off, including an application for a Jerome Fellowship and a Core Writer position with The Playwrights Center in Minneapolis, MN. 


Here's to hoping for good things! 



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