Full Length Plays


(Arranged by date written)

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The Prodigal One

(Drama, 2018-19)

The patriarch of the Hale family is dying, forcing the question of who will inherit the family farm, which has been passed down along the male line for as long as anyone can remember. But eldest child Alison has been working the farm while her younger brother is off serving in Iraq, and now, she wants to be the official heir -- even in the face of her mother's steadfast opposition. And Alison is also grappling with another issue -- the long-buried truth of her gender identity. In this humane, carefully-wrought story about what happens when truths collide, we see the struggle of a family and a farm trying to do the best they can in the face of inevitable change.

1T, 1W, 2M

- Finalist The Bridge Award (2019)
- Finalist HRC Showcase New Play Reading Series (2019)

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(Drama, 2017-18)

Monica Foers, a struggling photojournalist from The Washington Gazette, has been sent on assignment to Welch, West Virginia, to document the decline of coal miners in the land made famous by Homer Hickam and October Sky. But when Monica accidentally travels to beautiful little Walsh, West Virginia instead, she decides to use the local townspeople’s histories and images to create the stereotypical, downtrodden caricatures she expected to find. Little does Monica realize that her exploitation may ultimately rob Walsh of far more than just a few pictures.

3W, 2M

- Selection Barter's Festival Appalachian Plays and Playwrights

- Reading The Bluestone Project (NYC, 2019)



(Drama, 2016-17)

Allen Marten was adopted at birth by Brett and Rebecca, his idealistic white parents, and grew up enjoying the relative luxury of upper-middle class living. And for most of Allen’s life, the fact that he’s African-American and doesn’t look like his parents has only been a mild issue. But after a string of realizations and incidents, including being attacked at school by a former family friend, Allen, now seventeen, must decide whether to stay with the family who raised him or risk fleeing to Washington D.C. to connect with the mother who gave him away.

3M, 1F

- Semi-finalist The Bridge Award

- Semi-finalist Association of Theatre and Higher Education (ATHE) Excellence in Playwriting Award


The People at the Edge of Town

(Drama, 2015-16)

Ruth Ellen Eberhart has returned to the town of Constance, West Virginia -- a broken robin’s egg set amidst a nest of green hills – to serve as the interim mayor. And the first priority on her long thought out hit list, is to remove the Arrowhead Trailer Court at the edge of town, where her mother, Laura, bought the heroin that caused her death. But the people of Arrowhead, including her former best friend Chrissy, refuse to leave the only home they’ve known. A showdown waits between the two former friends, and a town, and its history, is at stake. 


3F, 2M


- Selected for Barter's Festival of Appalachian Plays and Playwrights

- Selected for Pocahantas County Drama Workshop

- Produced by Theatre on the Lake

- Reading at Barter Theatre, in Abingdon, Virginia, in August 2016

- Honorable Mention Joe McCabe Memorial Scriptwriting Award (WV Writers)

- Finalist Ohio Univeristy-Chillicothe Playwriting Contest

- Concert Reading at the New Hampshire Institute of Art.



The Redemption of Rube Moats

(Drama, 2016)

It’s April of 1917. Babe Ruth plays for the Red Sox, Woodrow Wilson just authorized the United States’ involvement in World War I, and baseball season has begun for Rube Moats, a beleaguered, eye-patch wearing, former semi-pro player turned manager. But this season, Rube isn’t focused on himself. He’s determine to see that his younger brother, Tucker, gets picked up by his former team, the Baltimore Orioles. But when a batting practice goes horribly wrong, the brothers find themselves on unlikely paths, out where love and familial bonds run headlong into walls of desire, success, and guilt.

4M, 1F

- Scene selected for 2017 Baltimore Free Fall

- Reading at Old Red Barn Reading Series, presented by Theatre on the Lake

- Reading at M.T. Pockets as part of "In Their Voices" reading series, co-sponsed by the Dramatists Guild of Pittsburgh


Gracefully Ending
(Drama, 2014-15)

Set in 2009 amid the rugged mountains of West Virginia with an early season snowstorm bearing down, Gracefully Ending chronicles a daughter’s efforts to help her ailing, perhaps delusional, mother, and to come to terms with the realization that, at some point in the future, we all have to face the same choice: Dying alone or resigning control to another.  


3M, 2F


- Winner of American Association of Community Theatre's NewPlayFest

- World Premiere at Theatre Arlington, in Arlington, TX, from July 1-16, 2016

- Published in anthology by Dramatic Publishing

- Semi-Finalist Playwright's First Best New Play Award

- Semi-Finalist Silverthorne Theatre Company New Play Competition

- Staged readings in Manchester, NJ (Nov. 2015) and N.H. Institute of Art (Jun. 14)



Wind Warning
Formerly "A Dirtbag Airman"
(Drama, 2015)


There are hundreds of thousands of men and women in the U.S. armed services who deploy each year to various battlegrounds across the world. Airman First Class Avery Thompson is not one of them. Instead, he works on a nice, albeit slowly decomposing, air base in Germany, surrounded by computer screens and enabling friends. Unfortunately for Thompson, a college dropout struggling with alcohol problems, it’s exactly the opposite of the reform he had hoped for when enlisting. 


4M, 0F


 - Selected for Baltimore Playwrights Festival, reading at Fells Point Corner Theater

 - Selected for Eddy Theatre Co. 2016-17 Subscription Season




Destiny Recalculated


(Comedy, 2014-15)

Sebastian and Bridgette were fated for each other, after miraculously colliding one day on the Anacostia Trail system outside of Washington D.C. Now all that's left is for them to figure out where to live and how to keep their parents from strangling each other. 


3M, 2F


- Reading at New Hampshire Institute of Art



The Jungle Books

Co-Written by Leah Broderick DeLauder




A one act, children's adaptation of Rudyard Kipling's tales about Mowgli, Baloo, Bagheera, and Shere Khan. 


11 Characters (Gender Neutral)


- Produced by Theater on the Lake (Mchenry, MD) in 2013

- Produced by Preston High School, WV. in 2014




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